Our Story

As the third generation of Brownlie growers we started our growing adventure with virtually bare land; armed with a wealth of knowledge, experience and not a lot else, The Orchard was born.

Starting with a blank canvas left us with many opportunities to indulge in growing a range of varieties and over the years we have changed and ironically grown with our business.

Being very much a family orientated business, our children Rose, Lillie and Thomsen have all been involved since they were born. Once they were old enough they have all worked and contributed to the Orchards production.

In 2004 we brought an existing fruit and vegetable roadside shop, which extended our business, an outlet for our local, and Hawkes Bay local produce.

The Orchard Store has now been in operation for over ten years attracting local visitors from all around New Zealand. With Hawkes Bay’s incredible climate customers can shop all year round for the best seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables.

Not to mention the extra deli products we stock, ice cream, coffee and freshly baked bread on the weekends that makes you’re trip to the Orchard Store that little bit more enjoyable.



Roger & Anna Brownlie

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  1. Love your smiling faces!!! Well it is winter in HB and you guys may be having a bit of a break from all your hard work. And it is summer here in Arizona and I am busy keeping the weeds at bay and the garden watered.
    Looking forward to seeing you this coming summer! See you in the orchard and at the yoga studio!! Cheers, Steve and Therese :)

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