Our Staff


Meet Wendy Williams! Wendy has been working at the Orchard store for over 10 years. She is well known in the local community, with living in the Esk Valley and working at the store, Wendy enjoys meeting all the new passers by and catching up with the locals who visit the store. Summer time is Wendy’s favourite season due to the happy customers, friendly staff and fabulous Hawke’s Bay summerfruit that the store offers and she is always one of the first to get the new season apricots!


Meet Ra Schofield! Ra has been working at the Orchard store for over 3 years. Ra enjoys the diversity of working at the store, the friendly staff and the great customers. Autumn is Ra’s season of choice, with more settled weather conditions and the delightful colours of when the trees are starting to lose their leaves. Ra is also fond of eating her favourite golden kiwifruit or purchasing a jar of Fix and Fogg Smooth Peanut butter to take home.

Alongside our full-time staff we employ local kids from around the Bay View area for after-school work. This allows them to experience what a working environment is like and teaches them valuable retail and practical training, along with some great life skills. We also enjoy seeing the kids learn and grow with the business.

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